Welcome To KLIMS

KLIMS is an easy to use, cloud based, Laboratory Information Management System for Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Diagnostic centres. KLIMS enable Labs to manage complex business processes, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce turn-around-time (TAT), eliminate data errors and promote enterprise-wide collaboration.

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Why Choose Us

Our easy to use KLIMS platform takes care of the Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of Medical Diagnostic testing laboratories.


Ease of use, No heavy initial cost of ownership - No upfront investment in hardware or software (KLIMS is hosted on our servers), Reduces operating costs while increasing profit margins

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Online Q & A

Find answers to the common questions asked by most clients, Questions like: What is KLIMS?, Is KLIMS easy to use?
Do we need to hire an IT person to manage the application?

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Lab Workflow Application in the Cloud (Hosted Service), Patient Database Management (unlimited number of patient registrations / tests allowed), Appointments / Test Scheduling, Work Order Entry

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